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Discover the benefits of Biodiesel Massage Therapy

Gerda Boyesen was the first to develop biodynamic massage nearly 50 years in the past. Her study of the cellular mechanism for relaxation provided important information about the effects of stress on the body. Massage is a traditional treatment that emphasizes healthy nutrition, physical health and mental well-being. This holistic approach brings physical, emotional, and mental health into the treatment. Biodynamic massage was the result of her research.

Gerda's study also revealed a link between stress intensity and risk of various health issues. Based on these findings, she formulated a therapy that is based on the holistic principles of Ayurveda, which she described as the healing art of Biodynamic massage. 상계동출장안마 The term "biodynamic" is defined as a combination of two words: the first one being "life force" and the second being "force". The life force is the energy that runs throughout the universe that sustains the cellular structures and the whole physical system. This force could be positive or negative, and will be contingent on the level of peace achieved during the therapeutic process.

This knowledge provided the foundation for biodynamic massage. It's the manipulation of the underlying cells ' structures and cells to restore the natural balance of life force. It is believed that tissues and cellular fluids are affected during times of stress and strain, which results in changes in the biochemical processes and the immune system, which can have a significant impact on the mental and physical health of the person. The goal of the therapy is to restore the normal balance within the individual's life force. This is accomplished by carefully manipulating the cellular structure and using techniques of massage, like pressure surface heating, friction, free flow, gentle stroking, kneading, and friction.

Biodynamic massage techniques promote lymphatic circulation as part healing. They use the fingertips, gentle movements of hands, and pressure applied to specific areas. This aids in the development of the lymphatic system as well as the growth of lymphatic energy which has the effect of stimulating the immune system and improving the overall function of the immune system. These effects are then transferred to the entire body through the energy distribution of the individual's cells and tissues. This helps in the treatment of many types of illness and diseases.

A further benefit of the biodynamic massage techniques is the promotion of feelings of wellbeing and emotional well-being. Because the biodynamic massage techniques affect the cells' structures and cell fluids, positive energy are released and may create feelings of well-being, calmness and tranquility. Emotional factors include feelings such as love and lightness that are stimulated by the release of mental tensions and stress. These emotions are then transmitted to the recipient's body and lymphatic system through gentle contact. The release of negative energy results in the alleviation of the recipient's feelings of tension and emotional stress, as well as helping to build an enlightened and solid sense of self.

Although this treatment is only recommended for people above the age of sixty, studies have shown that it can provide positive psychological effects on younger people, specifically those who are experiencing the onset of age-related diseases or have already existing medical conditions, such as diabetes. There are numerous studies of the positive effects of this type of therapy for these kinds of people. Clients who are currently or were suffering from traumatizing physical injuries have reported a variety of positive psychological changes that biodynamic massage sessions have produced.

The biodynamic massage treatment also includes the introduction

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